Types of Brooms and How to Use Them

RCH Cleaning distinguishes our business from other cleaning companies by putting customers first. We will clean your home or commercial property to your standards! In today’s blog from RCH Cleaning, we discuss different types of brooms and how to use them.

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Upright Broom

An upright broom is a typical broom you use in your home. Your upright broom allows you to sweep up simple messes or an entire room’s worth of dust, debris, and pet hair. Upright brooms comprise natural materials, such as corn brooms made of straw, or softer synthetic materials.

Use an upright broom by grasping the middle of the handle with your dominant hand and the top with your weaker hand. Sweep the dust and debris into a small pile before collecting it in a dustpan. The team at RCH Cleaning might use an upright broom for hard floors in homes and residences.

Push Broom 

Push brooms have very sturdy bristles, a heavy-duty head, and a long handle. They are great for sweeping large amounts of debris and large areas. Bristles are usually plastic. Industrial sites, stores, and large facilities typically use push brooms to clean up debris, dirt, and dust. 

You’ll need both hands to maneuver a push broom because they’re heavier than an upright broom. Push the broom forward in short strokes, sweep everything into a pile, and then dump the debris into a waste container. RCH Cleaning might use a push broom for cleaning hard floors in factories, stores, and offices.

Hand Broom

Hand brooms are fantastic for detail work, small areas, and after things fall on the floor and break. They typically work in conjunction with a dustpan. Hold the broom horizontally with your dominant hand and gently sweep the debris into the dustpan before disposing of it in the trash. Hand brooms typically have plastic handles with soft bristles.

Handle Materials

Broom handles come in wood, metal, or plastic. Heavy-duty models might have fiberglass handles. Eco-friendly varieties are made of bamboo. Choose the types of broom handle that’s right for you. 

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