5 Secrets of People Who Keep a Clean Home

If you are the type of person who is constantly struggling to keep your home clean, you may begin to feel discouraged. Maybe you begin to think you simply aren’t a “clean” person. RCH Cleaning is here to tell you that anyone can have a tidy home — with the right tips. 

If you visited a friend’s house and you were awestruck at how neat and clean everything was, there’s no need to feel jealous! Simply follow a few guidelines and you can accomplish the same impressive tidiness. RCH Cleaning has five secrets that can help transform you into one of those “clean” people you have always admired.

#1 – Reduce the Amount of “Stuff” in Your Home

If you are a hoarder or a packrat, you are already at a disadvantage. The more things you keep in your home, the more you have to manage. Find the items you have no need for and get rid of them. Don’t be overly nostalgic — that college sweatshirt that has been sitting in your closet untouched for 10 years isn’t doing you any good. Ditch the clutter and your house will already feel cleaner.

#2 – Set a Schedule — and Stick to It

People who have a clean home generally set a cleaning schedule and consistently follow it. Say you do laundry on Monday, vacuum on Tuesday, dusting on Thursday, and so on. Breaking chores into small segments and spreading them out over the week prevents “task buildup”. Waiting until the weekend to spend half a day clean is overwhelming and can cause you to put off your cleaning — only exacerbating the issues. 

#3 – They Have a Place for Everything

Clutter is the enemy of a clean home. Whether it is a basket where you can place your keys and wallet when you get home, hooks to hang your jackets, or a box to set your shoes — keep your house free of clutter by designating a place for the items you frequently use. Clutter looks messy, and it makes cleaning impossible without constantly moving things around.

#4 – Cleaning Is Part of Their Routine

People with clean homes don’t wait until their house is already a mess before they begin cleaning. Instead, they keep things clean as they go about their lives. They make their bed right when they get out of it, they wash the dish they just used, they fold their laundry as soon as the dryer is finished. Procrastination only leads to a bigger mess to clean up.

#5 – They Hire Help

No one is perfect, and many people need help. Hiring a cleaning service does two things for you. First, it is a good motivation to keep things put away — so when your cleaning company arrives they won’t have to clean around your stuff. Secondly, a cleaning service does the deep cleaning tasks that you may dread. Tasks that are difficult and take time like shampooing the carpet, scrubbing the tile or dusting furniture can be finished by the time you get home.

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