RCH Cleaning Discusses the Limitations of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Companies love to say they are being eco-friendly and lowering their carbon footprint. Green marketing is good for business because consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious. You might be tempted to use green or eco-friendly cleaners for your home or office, but there are some drawbacks. RCH Cleaning explains in today’s blog.

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1. Higher Costs

Some natural disinfectants, such as isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, are inexpensive. However, it takes more time to apply these cleaners and you might need more of them. Your labor costs may increase with these disinfectants. 

Companies that make eco-friendly products to compete with chemical-based products may have to use formulations with a lot of eco-friendly ingredients to match the cleaning power of chemicals. They’re still green, eco-friendly, and support sustainability. But all of these additional ingredients can become more expensive than conventional cleaners. RCH Cleaning will give you the best possible quote based on your preferences for cleaning your home or office.

2. Less Effective

Consider a clogged drain. Using natural methods to unclog a drain may take a while. Industrial-strength cleaners, while using harsh chemicals, can unclog a drain in mere minutes or seconds. The trick here is to mitigate build-up through regular, preventive maintenance with eco-friendly products. Over time, you see greater benefits through regular cleanings rather than waiting for something to go wrong. The same is true of other appliances that clean, including the washing machine, dishwasher, and garbage disposal. RCH Cleaning can suggest ways to perform preventive maintenance on your appliances for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Unknown Ingredients

The FDA and CDC do not necessarily regulate the ingredients that go into eco-friendly cleaning products. As such, there may be added ingredients that don’t need to be in there. A company may add several ingredients that seem like they’re green or natural, but they really don’t need to be in the product. RCH Cleaning recommends eco-friendly products that get the job done yet don’t have a lot of extra ingredients that could hinder their effectiveness. 

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