How to Sweep a Floor Properly

Sweeping a hard floor is a fairly simple chore. Yet there is a proper way to sweep floors for the most effective results. Today’s blog from RCH Cleaning explains.

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Kinds of Brooms to Use

A typical broom will suffice, similar to ones you see on store shelves. However, the material of the bristles makes a difference. Abrasive or textured floors need natural corn brooms, made of straw, while synthetic brooms work great for smooth surfaces. Natural corn fibers get into the crevices of abrasive materials more readily compared to softer, synthetic fibers.

Hand Placement

Place your dominant or stronger hand halfway down the handle of the broom, or as far down as your arm will let you without bending your back. Hold the top of the broom with your opposite hand about a hand’s length from the tip.

Start at One Edge or Corner

Begin sweeping the floor at one edge or corner. If you’re sweeping the entire floor, sweep all of the dirt, dust, and debris into a centralized location. If you’re cleaning up a broken object or just a small area, start from the furthest point away from the center of the debris and work inward. Eventually, you gather everything into a manageable pile.

Don’t Bend Your Back!

The key to sweeping is not to bend your back if you can help it. For a dustpan, use a long-handled one that has a pivoting basket for easy disposal. If you have a small dustpan, bend at the knees to place the edge of the pan on the floor. Hold the dustpan with your non-dominant hand while using the broom with your stronger hand. Deposit the debris into a trashcan as soon as you are able. Go back to the spot to sweep again to get as much debris as possible. 

Once you’re done, put the tools away so they don’t get damaged, the space is tidy, and there are no tripping hazards.

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