You’ve Hired a Professional Cleaning Service, Now What?

You Hired a Professional Cleaning Service, What Next?

You’ve hired a professional cleaning service for the first time. So, what’s next? It’s all about communication. Make the most of your service by communicating your expectations for cleaning in your home. Here are some processes to go through with your cleaning service after booking.

House Duties

When meeting with your house cleaner for the first time, be prepared by understanding what cleaning duties are included in their services. Most cleaning services provide basic services like:

  • Top-to-bottom scrub of kitchens and bathrooms
  • Vacuuming entire house
  • Mopping of hard floor surfaces
  • Making beds
  • Dusting surfaces such as baseboards, bookcases, blinds, fans and light fixtures

Create a list of duties for your cleaning service and see what tasks are manageable for them and what costs extra. Let your service know what you expect them to do so you are both on the same page.

Trial Period

See if the company you’ve selected includes a trial period or discounted cleanings for new customers. This trial period is important so you can determine if the service is a good fit for your needs. A two-week trial is a good amount of time to review the services so you can better evaluate how it’s going. If you are unhappy or have concerns about meeting your requirements, a trial period with a review date is a great way to promote discussion and to resolve issues. It also leaves a door open to end the relationship if the service isn’t working for you.

Special Requests

Occasionally, you may have a surprise task or extra chore come up that might not be included in your regular cleaning list. For example, doing dishes and tidying the dining area before hosting a family reunion. Ask your cleaning service about the costs for added tasks, and find out if you need to give them advanced notice. This way, your company can plan for additional cleaning time and you can have everything ready for your event.

Special Instructions

Every house has unusual or delicate items that need some extra care. For example, an antique table that can only be cleaned with a certain wax product. Before your service begins, let the cleaner know about all these items so they can treat and clean them correctly.

Review Methods

After your trial period is up or you’ve had a cleaning or two, set up a time with your cleaning service and let them know how they’re doing. Are you happy with their services, or are you disappointed? This is a time to really let them know what you like and dislike about their services.

Reschedule Policy

If your cleaning service can’t make it to your home due to inclement weather or other unexpected changes, it’s important to communicate how they can contact you and work out how they can make up the service.


Finally, if your cleaning service is doing a phenomenal job, let them know! Praise shows them that they’re doing a great job and motivates them to continue working hard.

Hire RCH For Your Next Cleaning

RCH Professional Cleaning Co. can take care of your commercial or residential cleaning needs. Whether you need to book a regular cleaning for your company office or your own home, we can do it all. Contact us at 417-763-8365 to get an estimate today!

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