Yes! Making Your Bed is Important

Making your bed is probably the last thing on your mind when getting up and ready for the day. However, we think that making your bed should be one of the first items on your to-do list when you wake up. This is because making your bed can have various effects on your mood, stress levels, and other factors when you begin the morning by setting your bed back up. Today, RCH Cleaning will go over the importance of making your bed and the effects it can have on your morning routine.  


Increases Mood, Decreases Stress  

That headline may seem a little misleading but it’s absolutely true! Did you know that most people spend about a third of their time in their bedroom? With that statistic, it makes sense that one of your most-used spaces would affect your mood. If your bed is disorderly and not made, it can begin to affect your mental state and cause you to feel more stressed due to your cluttered environment. It was often found that a big happiness factor was walking into and waking up in a nice and organized bedroom space. We recommend washing and changing your sheets once a week to help adjust to the new habit you are beginning.   


Leads to More Productivity  

Did you know that simply making your bed can help you become more productive during the day? This is because when you finish making your bed, it helps give you a sense of closure for completing the task. As we all know, making small and simple accomplishments throughout the day can help us become more productive and motivated to complete our other tasks. Other studies have shown that just by taking a few extra minutes in the morning to make your bed before work/school, you can become more productive and feel better about yourself.  


Creates a Clean and Happy Home  

Starting a routine of making your bed every morning can lead to a cleaner and happier home environment. If you are someone who comes home after work or school tired, the last thing you want to do is clean up your mess before laying down for the night. However, if you make your bed in the morning, it helps eliminate this step at the end of the day. Also, making your bed every morning provides motivation for you to complete other tasks around the house because you completed one. For many people, becoming more organized and cleaner is a constant goal in the home and one which will lead to a happier environment for all who live there. 


Makes Waking Up Easier  

If you have trouble waking up in the morning or are just incredibly tired, try this trick: Don’t hit snooze! Instead, make your bed right away. When you hit snooze, it’s that much harder to get out of the warm and cozy bed. However, if you have already completed making your bed in the morning when you wake up, you are ready to start your day with a fresh set of sheets! This alone can provide an incredible amount of motivation to jump right out of bed and conquer the day!  

Overall, starting a routine of making your bed every morning can have many benefits from increased mood, decreased stress, more productivity throughout the day, and a cleaner and happier home environment. If you are someone who struggles with getting up in the morning, then this simple task could provide incredible benefits and help you start your day off on the right foot! 


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