Why Should I Participate In Spring Cleaning?

When the warm weather arrives, many people start getting out their cleaning supplies for a frenzy of spring cleaning. Why do we spring clean and what are the benefits? RCH Professional Cleaning Co. has the answers.

Why Do We Spring Clean?

While spring cleaning is thought to have begun as a Jewish custom, but many people continue the tradition today and have adjusted it to modern circumstances. During the cold winter months, many people would close off rooms in their homes due to freezing temperatures. Once the weather warms up, people would then reopen these rooms. After months of being closed off, these rooms may feel stuffy and dusty. So it’s important to clean out these rooms to liven up living spaces once again.

Another reason we clean more in the warmer months is due to the effects of lower temperatures. Cold weather and lack of sunshine increase the level of melatonin in the body, making people feel sleepier and less motivated during the winter months. When the temperature rises in spring, these levels of melatonin decrease, making people feel more energized. The more energized a person is, the more likely they are to do activities like spring cleaning.

Where Should I Start?

When you go about spring cleaning, it’s essential to make a cleaning schedule. It’s impossible to clean an entire house in just a few hours, so it’s a good idea to break up your cleaning schedule across a few days or even a week. Before you make your to-do list, consider these things:

  • What rooms in my home need the most attention?
  • Do I have all the cleaning supplies I’ll need?
  • How long will each of these tasks take me?

Before you begin spring cleaning, make a list of everything you need to do to help manage your cleaning load.

Leave Your Spring Cleaning to the Professionals

Overwhelmed by your spring cleaning to-do list? Leave it to the professionals at RCH. With a staff that’s experienced in all cleaning areas, you’re sure to be satisfied with our cleaning quality. We offer a wide variety of services that will check off everything on your cleaning list. Contact us today at 417-763-8365 for our Springfield location or 417-851-7960 to reach our Port Charlotte, FL location. We will provide a quick estimate on the first cleaning service for your space!

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