What To Clean First In A New Apartment

Giving your new apartment a thorough cleaning before you move in is a way to ensure your new home is in perfect living condition. When you move into a previously owned unit, you never know what surprises you’ll find. Some of these surprises may include some leftover messes. Before you move all your belongings into your new home, RCH Cleaning recommends cleaning these eight items before you settle in.


Closets are often the hardest places to clean since they usually have clothes and other belongings in them. When you move in, your wardrobe will be completely empty. This is the perfect time to clean out any hanging cobwebs or dust bunnies in the corners as well as sweep or vacuum the floors. 


You’ll enjoy your morning shower a lot more knowing any traces of mold or mildew are erased. An easy cleaning method to start with is cleaning the base of your shower or tub with bleach. Use a sponge or scrub brush to clear away any tub rings or lingering stains on the shower floor. 


The front door of your apartment will most likely be the busiest spot in your new home. Coming and going often can track in dirt and dust from the outside, leaving your floors riddled with debris. Depending on your floor type, a few minutes vacuuming or sweeping these areas each week should make these areas cleaner.  


Before you fill your kitchen cabinets with dishes, it’s essential to disinfect the shelves they’ll be resting on. You’re going to eat off those plates, so you’ll want them to stay clean, right? 


This is often a place that cleaning crews and past tenants forget to clean, so this area of the house may have never had a good wipe down. Not only will cleaning your air vents make your air feel cleaner, but your air vents will work better if they’re not clogged with gunk.

Light Fixtures

It’s unlikely any of the light fixtures in your new apartment were cleaned before move-out. If the light fixtures are located up high, grab a ladder and a dust cloth. Ask a friend or neighbor to help secure the ladder and start cleaning. You’ll be surprised at how much brighter the rooms in your apartment will be. 


It’s difficult to erase even the last tenant’s footprints let alone your own. A steam mop is perfect for hardwood floors as it can easily trap any remaining crumbs or dirt particles.

Carpet is a different story. Most often you can rent an industrial carpet cleaner from a hardware or cleaning store if you want a deeper clean. While most apartments have their carpeted units professionally cleaned before you move in, a second cleaning can’t hurt.

Schedule A Cleaning With RCH

Why clean your new apartment when you can get the professionals to do it? Whether you’re a new tenant or a building owner, nothing says home like a clean living space. If you want to impress your new tenants with a spotless apartment or give it a second cleaning, call RCH. Not only do we clean residential homes but also commercial businesses. Call us today at our Springfield, MO, location at 417-763-8365.

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