What Are the Dirtiest Areas in an Office and How to Keep Them Clean

After the overwhelming year we just had, cleanliness and sanitization have become common topics for everyday life. Many people have been working from home during the pandemic and some of those people are now beginning to return to the office. Office hygiene is something that needs to be taken seriously as we try to return to normalcy after the pandemic. To protect your employees and your potential clientele, your office cleanliness must be the top priority. Below, we’ve compiled a list of areas around an office that are usually the dirtiest and the proper way to keep them clean.  


Desktops and Desks
Did you know that desktops have roughly 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? To get a more in-depth understanding of these germs, that means there are about 21,000 bacteria, viruses, and fungi per square inch! As we’ve seen in 2020, those little guys get around fast! If you’ve ever eaten at your desk, had a minor drink spill, or sneezed/coughed there are bound to be germs attached to your workspace. If you do share a workspace, keep in mind that every person adds their oils and potential germs to the workspace.  
How to clean:
Keep hand sanitizer on your desk next to your monitors so if you do have to get up or let someone take over your position for a moment, you both can clean your hands and the spread of germs is lessened. At the end of each day, give a thorough wipe down of your desk and desktop. 


General Office Equipment
Every office has a printer, copier, fax machine, and other typical equipment found in your everyday office. Germs can hide and thrive on the surfaces of these machines. Do you know why that is? No one ever thinks to clean them or to wash their hands/sanitize after each time they press a button. 
How to clean:
Put some sanitizing wipes nearby to remind staff to clean the machine after each useIf this isn’t enough, make a mandatory end of day cleaning list and add these machines to the top to ensure that if it can be cleaned, it will be. 


Staying hydrated during your hours at the office is made easier and more convenient if you have a water dispenser. This doesn’t mean that it is squeaky clean. Many people touch the cooler while getting their water throughout the day. Germs can also get on bottles during transport and delivery
How to clean: 
To combat the transfer of germs, keep hand sanitizer near the watercooler stations in the office. As an additional measure, you can recommend that your employees bring in their water from home or offer bottled waters as an option for employees. 


E. coli bacteria is the most prominent bacteria that will cover a bathroom. Getting your hands truly clean is difficult due to faucet handles already being contaminated. 
How to clean:
The best way to combat the touching of contaminated objects is to use a paper towel or toilet paper when you need to turn the water on/off and flush the toilet. This is a room in the office that should be cleaned as often as possible.  


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