Tips to Improve Your Cleaning Routine in the New Year

A new year, a new cleaning routine! That’s how the saying goes, right? Nevertheless, the start of the new year is the best time to upgrade your cleaning routine. Iyou aren’t the biggest fan of cleaning schedules or if you are trying to enhance your current cleaning routine, don’t worry we’ve got your back.  We’ve compiled a few tips below to help you get on the right track in your cleaning routine and to help enhance your current cleaning regime if you have one! 


Be Honest About What You’re Willing to Do 

You aren’t going to reach your end goal overnight; it’s okay to take a step back and approach your change with realistic expectations. We all dream of having a consistently sparkling home, but it’s not sustainable when you are living your everyday life. This is also one of the biggest reasons many give up on cleaning routines because it isn’t achievable. Look at your current daily schedule. What does it look like? Sit down and break down the time you are willing to commit to cleaning, whether it is a daily time amount or a specific day of the week where you deep clean.  


Develop a Daily Cleaning Habit 

Developing a daily cleaning habit is one of the fastest ways to help yourself stay consistent with cleaning your home. We all understand that it’s difficult to find those spare 15 to 30 minutes to do a daily clean up if you are constantly on the go. Like we mentioned above, take it slow and dedicate one day a week to a deeper cleaning approach to cleaning your home. Once you’ve mastered the single day try to break up that weekly routine into smaller bits throughout the week. Many cleaning experts recommend tackling your pet peeves first, those tasks that drive you crazy if you can’t finish them! This will give you peace of mind and make cleaning just a bit easier if you do those pet peeves first in your daily routine.  


Create an Organized Home Checklist 

It doesn’t matter how you approach cleaning as long as the cleaning gets done! It is still a good idea to try and create an organized home checklist. This checklist should include every cleaning/organizing task that you will need to do. Keep this list somewhere with easy access and check it often to verify that you are covering everything you need to. Take a look at the steps below to begin crafting your cleaning checklist: 

  • Walk around your home and pinpoint all the areas that need to be cleaned. 
  • Once you have sectioned off each area, write down all of the cleaning/organizing tasks that need to be done in that specific area.  
  • Create sub-lists of the tasks that need to be done and categorize them by daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. 
  • Last but not least, figure out a way to cross off those items of your list and celebrate your newly organized and clean home! 


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