Tips for Keeping a Home Clean if You Have a Pet

Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets

As much as we love our furry friends, we have to admit that they’re not the best at keeping things clean. Also, since they don’t bathe every day (like most of us do), they’re prone to getting a little smelly. One of the challenges of being a pet owner is keeping a clean home. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make this more manageable.

Keep Your Pet Clean

The first thing you can do is keep your pet as clean as possible! Now, this is much easier said than done. Not everyone has time or money to get their pet groomed every week. However, there are steps you can take between baths to keep things a little cleaner. Such as:

Brush Your Pet

Pet hair is the bane of any pet owner. Most dog and cat breeds are constantly shedding, so you can help manage this by brushing them on a regular basis. Make sure to buy a shedding brush specifically for dogs and cats. Brush them down until you get most of the loose hairs. Most pets like being brushed, so take this opportunity to bond with your furry friend!

Freshen Them Up

Pet stores and groomers often sell pet-safe sprays that help to neutralize odors between baths. Think of it as dry-shampoo for animals. A few spritzes of this type of spray will freshen your pet up and tide you over until their next grooming appointment.

Clean Your Home

Now that you’ve cleaned your pet, it’s time to get the house clean too.


In the battle against pet hair, your vacuum is your greatest ally. To get all of the pet hair that’s settled in the carpet, you’ll need to go over it several times and in different directions. If there’s hair on the furniture, use a furniture attachment. If your vacuum doesn’t have one, you could also use a lint roller or purchase a handheld vacuum. 

Stain Removal

There are various safe pet stain removers on the market to help eliminate stains. White vinegar mixed with water is also an effective way to rid your carpets of stains and odors. Just make sure you test any new products on a discrete area of your carpet, in case it changes the carpet’s color.


Once you have everything cleaned up, it’s wise to put some preventive measures in place such as:

  • Blocking furniture so pets can’t get up on it, or putting on pet covers
  • Put pads under food and water bowls to prevent spillage
  • Have your groomer give your pet a shedding treatment
  • Put a mat in front of the door to wipe your dog’s paws if they get muddy
  • Make sure your pets have pet beds with removable, washable covers

All in all, with the right know-how and a little dedication, you can keep your house and your pet clean year-round!

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