RCH Cleaning Explains the Types of Protective Gloves Janitorial Services Use

Janitorial service workers should wear gloves when cleaning businesses and office spaces. Gloves for janitorial use just make sense — to protect the people cleaning your corporate spaces and to protect your employees as we work to prevent the spread of germs. Today’s blog from RCH Professional Cleaning explains the types of protective gloves janitorial services utilize as they work.

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Latex gloves are the most common types of janitorial gloves you’ll see. These are the bright yellow kinds that we can use more than once. Not only are latex gloves durable, but they protect our workers from cleaning chemicals such as bleach, detergents, alcohols, acids, and heavy-duty cleansers. Staff at RCH Professional Cleaning may wear latex gloves when cleaning large surfaces or handling cleaning chemicals.


Vinyl gloves offer many of the same properties as latex, but are safe for people with latex allergies. Vinyl gloves are often form-fitting and flexible. They provide better manual dexterity for cleaning smaller or sensitive surfaces. The downside to vinyl is that most vinyl gloves are disposable and must be thrown away after a single use. Expect RCH Cleaning staff to wear vinyl for less-intense tasks, such as dusting and polishing with cloths or sponges.


Nitrile is another synthetic material that prevents allergic reactions associated with latex. Nitrile gloves are very comfortable and pliable, and they offer better puncture resistance than vinyl gloves. RCH Cleaning pros might use nitrile when handling tools such as handled scrubbers, plungers, or polishers.

Nylon Knit

Nylon knit gloves are the ultimate janitorial gloves. They’re lined with soft nylon material. These non-disposable gloves might come with a thick nitrile, vinyl, or latex covering for handling heavy-duty cleaning chemicals or degreasers for intense jobs. If you have something that needs a lot of TLC, the pros at RCH Cleaning might use these gloves to make sure we get the job done right.

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