Moving In? Here Are The Tips You Need To Know

Are you moving into a new place?  

First of all, congratulations! This is a big life transition. 

But there’s also quite a bit of work to be done—and cleaning is generally very near the top of the priority list. 

Whether it’s a newly-constructed home or apartment, or just ‘new to you,’ there are lots of things to consider to be sure that your new abode is in the best shape possible when you move in.

You definitely want that nice new home smelling and feeling fresh and clean before settling in. So here are some of the most important steps to take to ensure that your move is a massive success in the cleaning department. 

1. Deep Clean Prior To Move-In (If Possible) 

This one may mostly depend on whether or not you have access to your new place prior to moving day. 

But if it is at all possible, try to make this happen. 

If it’s new construction, this may be easier—but it’s still necessary, as you’d likely be surprised at how much post-construction dust and debris can be left behind.

Otherwise, if you’re moving into an existing place, you’re unlikely to know the former owners or tenants—so you won’t really be able to trust that they’ve left it in perfect shape. 

How To Perform A Pre-Move-In Deep Clean

So prior to move-in, at the very least, try to wipe down all surfaces (including walls), scrub the floors (and vacuum if carpeted), and dust all the out-of-the-way and hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. 

If possible, consider having your ‘new’ floors and carpets professionally cleaned.

Hopefully, the floors were all thoroughly cleaned before the prior owners moved out—but it may still be wise to at least surface clean the kitchen and bathroom sinks, showers and tubs, and toilets.

If time is not an issue, clean all windows inside and out, including the dirt that’s likely in the window tracks.  You can also dust the screens and any mini-blinds that you’re not planning to replace.

While not cleaning per se, while the new place is empty, this is also a great time to fix up wall scratches and dents, fill in any nail holes, etc. Painting is something that’s also much easier to do when there isn’t furniture to move out of the way.

What To Clean Once You’ve Moved In

OK, so moving day has come and gone, and now you’re living in your new home. 

What to do first? 

While unpacking will take up the majority of your time, here are some other items that you should consider checking off of your to-do list, just to make your new place as safe and comfortable as possible.

Change The Locks! 

We all would prefer to trust others, but sometimes it’s better not to take chances—and this is one of those times. 

Schedule a locksmith prior to moving day. You’ll want them to get you on their schedule to put in new locks as soon as possible, so don’t wait until after you move in.

You’ll sleep a lot sounder.

Change Your Air Filters

Even if the prior owners changed them recently, it’s a great idea to put in brand-new filters as soon as possible. 

Depending on whether or not you deal with allergies of any kind, you should probably also arrange to have your vents and air ducts professionally cleaned, especially if the prior owners had pets.

Test All Of Your Smoke (And Carbon Monoxide) Detectors!  

Replace the batteries with new ones, so you’ll have a good idea of when they’ll need them next time around. 

You don’t want to find out the hard way when a dead smoke detector battery wakes you up at 3:00 am!

Get Your Appliances Checked

If you purchased existing appliances in the home, consider having an expert come out and give them a thorough inspection—just to make sure that they’re in good working order and don’t become a problem too soon down the road. 

You’ve just moved in, so you certainly don’t want to have to put in a new oven or microwave—or worse, a new water heater!

Consider Setting Up A Cleaning Service

Finally, now that your new place is cleaned and fixed up to your satisfaction, consider setting up a routine schedule with a cleaning service like RCH Cleaning. 

Whether it’s a weekly light clean, or a monthly or quarterly deep clean—now that your new home is clean, why not take steps to keep it that way for a long time? 

We look forward to helping you live your best life in your new home!

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