How to Sanitize Your Ice Maker

The ice maker in your refrigerator is an incredibly convenient tool to have in the kitchen. However, if you have noticed that the ice it dispenses has been a bit cloudy or has tasted a little strange, it may be time to give it a thorough cleaning. Today, the expert team at RCH Cleaning shares a few tips you can use to ensure your ice maker is sanitized.

Step 1 – Switch the Ice Maker Off

Most ice makers will have a power bar that lifts when the ice bin is full to prevent it from making more ice. Before you clear out the bin and begin cleaning, lift the bar to ensure safe cleaning.

Step 2 – Remove the Ice Bin

Most ice bins will slide right out of your freezer with a bit of force. Take the ice bin out, and dump out the tainted ice into your sink. You may need to break up the ice with a fork or knife if everything is frozen together.

Step 3 – Fill Your Sink With Soapy Water

Use a bit of dish soap and warm water to create a cleaning bath for your ice bin. 

Step 4 – Give the Ice Bin a Thorough Scrub

Place the ice bin in the soapy water and use a rag or a sponge to give the ice bin a thorough wash. Thoroughly rinse the soap off of the ice bin with warm water. Then place the ice bin in your dishwasher on sanitizing mode to make sure it is as clean as possible.

Step 5 – Clean the Ice Maker Inside the Freezer

Use your rag or sponge to clean the ice maker inside the freezer. Use dish soap and water to wipe down the ice maker, then use a dry ray to clean off any leftover soap. Next, create a mixture of ½ cup of bleach and a gallon of water. Use your rag or sponge to apply the sanitizing concoction to the ice maker. Then wipe it dry with water to ensure all the bleach is removed.

Step 6 – Dry the Ice Maker

Use dry rags to thoroughly dry the ice maker. Any leftover water can freeze and prevent the ice maker from properly performing its job. 

Step 7 – Replace the Ice Bin and Lower the Power Bar

Lastly, put everything back in place and ensure the ice maker is turned back on. Your ice should now be clear and clean!

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