How to Maintain the Baseboards of Your Home 

Cleaning the baseboards of your home is not something that comes to mind often, but it is one chore that should be done regularly. Do you know that the cleanliness of your baseboards can completely change the room? If they are dirty it can fully change the feel of a room, creating an illusion that your clean home is actually not kept up with. To maintain a clean home, it is recommended to clean the baseboards at least once per month to retain that tidy look! The best part? You won’t have to deep clean every time you have company over. Just maintain clean baseboards alongside your general cleaning chores and your home will always look fresh and clean! 

You may be askinghow do I keep my baseboards from always being dirty? We have a few tips with a system that we consider to be the most efficient way to keep those baseboards cleaner for longer periods at a time.  


The Most Efficient Way 

Below is a step-by-step recommendation on how to clean baseboards. 

  1. If you’re cleaning baseboards, do all of them on the same day. Clean one room at a time. Bring a vacuum with attachments (if you don’t have a vacuum use canned air), a sponge, dryer sheet, and a bottle of antibacterial cleaner/vinegar with you.  
  2. Vacuum the dirt off of the tops of the baseboards, or use canned air to get the same effect.  
  3. Spray the sponge with either cleaner or vinegar and wipe the outside of the baseboard. 
  4. Last but not least, once the baseboards are dry, rub the baseboard with a dryer sheet to keep dirt from settling on them. 


Additional Steps to Keep Them Clean 

If you are already cleaning your home, make sure to do a quick wipe down of the baseboards. While cleaning your floors and dusting your furniture you will begin to stir up the dirt that has been settled and that dirt will land on the baseboards. Depending on what type of material the baseboards are made of, the method of cleaning varies. If the baseboards are stained instead of painted, use a store-bought wood cleaner that is mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you encounter stubborn stains that won’t budge against soap and water, it may be the best course of action to just touch up the baseboard with paint.  


RCH Professional Cleaning specializes in thorough cleaning services for homes and businesses in Southwest Missouri. We’ll visit your home or facility and complete a customized cleaning plan for you. Contact RCH Cleaning today or call 417-763-8365 for more information on what we do! 

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