How to Clean and Declutter Your Attic: A Guide

You don’t generally invite guests into the attic — so why bother keeping it clean? Well, the answer is a cluttered, dirty attic will quickly circulate dirt and dust into the rest of your home. Keeping your attic clean isn’t something you have to focus on each week, but at least once every six months a thorough cleaning of your attic will result in a cleaner home. Today, the expert cleaning team from RCH Cleaning will offer a few tips you can use to keep your attic clean and clutter-free. 

First Prepare Safely

Before you venture into your attic, prepare the safety items you will need. Put on a mask to properly filter the airborne particles that have inevitably gathered. Put on gloves to protect your hands from exposed nails or splintered wood. Bring a portable lighting source so you can properly see while you are up there. Most importantly, be careful to walk on your floor joists instead of in between them. A wrong step between the joists can result in a leg through your ceiling — something you definitely want to avoid.

Clear Out Your Storage

Any boxes or old furniture that you keep tucked away in your attic should be moved out of the room before you begin to clean. If the items are too large or unwieldy to move downstairs — stack them in a corner and cover them in a clean sheet.

Wash Your Previously Used Sheets

Any sheets you have used to protect your stored items from dust are likely pretty dirty at this point. Take them outside to knock off as much dust as possible. Then run them through a wash/dry cycle before you reuse them as dust covers. 

Time to Dust

Dirt and dust quickly collect in attics. Use a synthetic duster that is electrostatically charged in order to remove the dust from any attic surface. Clean the duster as needed. Don’t forget to hit any fan or window sill spots and hard-to-reach corners. 

Vacuum and Sweep Thoroughly

After you have properly dusted the area, it’s time to vacuum any stray dust and dirt you have knocked around. A vacuum with a HEPA-approved filter is best for attics. Afterward, use a Swiffer or wet-mop to ensure the floor is as clean as possible.

Check for Mold

Mold and fungus are notorious for spreading throughout any attic that gets damp during the year. Check for black or gray spots or musty smells in the attic. If you find any traces, contact a professional cleaning company to ensure any mold is completely removed. 

Put Everything Back and Cover With Sheets or Dust Protectors

Once you have finished cleaning, it’s time to reapply dust covers to your furniture and stored items. You will thank yourself next year when it’s time to clean the attic again.

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