How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Workspace? More Often Than You Think!

Cleaning your house and office is essential for overall health – mental and physical. Most people know how often to clean up their home, but how often should you be cleaning your workspace? Cleaning your workspace is more important than you may think. We’ve come up with a few ways to ensure that your workspace is as clean as possible. Although you use it daily, you may not realize how often you need to clean it up! From your desk, walls, flooring, and the organizational state of the entire office, we’ve got the best cleaning recommendations you need for maintaining a clean workspace.  


Be Careful Where You Eat  

If you notice that your desk has become dirty rather quickly, think back to what you have been doing at your desk aside from daily work. If you have been eating lunch at your desk, this may be the culprit for your desk becoming dirty at a quicker rate. Significant issues like clogged keyboard keys, gnat infestations, and greasy computer equipment can occur if you eat directly at your desk. If your company has a separate space for you to enjoy your lunch or breaks, try to use it more. If you do have to eat directly at your desk, it is crucial to clean the space right after you finish your meal. Don’t forget to frequently empty your trash bin as well, especially if you are throwing away lunch garbage.  


Declutter and Re-Organize  

A famous saying goes ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ and it seems to be a very true one! Many people feel that if their living space or workspace isn’t clean, they find it hard to focus and get any work done. Having a clean living space can allow you to remain motivated, and simply clearing the clutter off your desk can be like lifting a weight off your mind. Taking stride with this new relief can motivate you to help prioritize and organize your current workspace situation with ease. Another way to help declutter and organize your workspace is getting file cabinets, desk sorters, or other means of organizational tools. Having these items can assist in giving your workspace, well, more space! By putting away your daily work items in these containers and files, you can give yourself more room to work with by eliminating the clutter. Regularly maintaining organizational tools and priorities can help keep your space tidy and your mind clear. We recommend that you carry on this habit at least once a week.  One way to help with this habit is to have some wipes, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant sprays on hand inside your workspace to clean up quickly.   


Walls and Floors  

Everyone enjoys decorating their workspace, and that can lead to your space attracting some unwanted attention. What we mean by that is that you could see an increase in dust and cobwebs surrounding the decorative items in your office space. We are just speaking of the walls, corners, and surfaces of the area; the floors are a bit different. When working on a busy or time-restricted schedule, you may make a few messes on the floor. It is important to regularly dust all the surfaces in the workspace and clean the flooring. If your office has carpet, make it a plan to vacuum at least once a week. If the office is hardwood, mop or spot clean as needed. We recommend cleaning your office space, floors and walls, at least twice a week.   


RCH Professional Cleaning specializes in thorough cleaning services for homes and businesses in Southwest Missouri. We’ll visit your facility and complete a customized cleaning plan for you. Contact RCH Cleaning today or call 417-763-8365 for more information on what we do! 

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