How Much Should You Pay For A Cleaning Service?

When you hire a cleaning service, it’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for. If you’re hiring a cleaning service for the first time, RCH Cleaning gives a list of contributing factors that may determine a cleaning services’ hourly rate. 

How Big Is The Area Being Cleaned?

Are you wanting a one room apartment cleaned, or a five bedroom home? However big the area is that requires cleaning will determine the cost of the cleaning service. The bigger the space, the more you’ll have to pay. If you’re only wanting a few rooms cleaned, make a list of the desired ones and give it to your cleaning service. Think about even rotating the rooms that are cleaned each time that the cleaning service comes. If your space doesn’t get dirty often, this is a way to help cut costs. 

What Is The Level Of Expertise Of The Cleaning Service?

With experience comes a price tag. The longer the service has been in operation and the higher their skillset, expect to pay a higher price. If they service is just starting out and trying to build their client list, they’ll most likely charge lower prices. A house that requires light cleaning needs may benefit from a lower cost cleaning service. However, if you have a highly active household with lots of cleaning tasks, it may be worth it to pay a higher price for an expert level quality clean. 

How Often Is The Area Being Cleaned?

Knowing how frequently you’re getting your home cleaned will determine how much you’ll be paying for a cleaning service. Most cleaning services come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the client’s needs. In some cases, the more often your home is being cleaned the more likely you are to get a discounted rate because you’ll be requiring their services more often. Whatever the case, speak with your desired cleaning services about any introductory offers or fees to ensure you aren’t overpaying.

Are You Providing Cleaning Products Or Requesting Special Services?

While most cleaning services provide their own products, you can ask them to use your own specific products if you prefer. This can determine how to calculate the service’s hourly rate. The cost of hiring a cleaning service can also be affected by any speciality services you request. This could include anything from accommating pets, allergies, or even handling valuable items like antiques or other possessions that require special attention. 

Call RCH Cleaning For Your Commercial Or Residential Cleaning Needs

RCH Cleaning can take care of any commercial or residential property. Whether you need regular cleanings or just a one-time visit, our cleaning experts can handle all types of messes. Contact us today at 417-763-8365 at our Springfield location or 417-851-7960 to reach our Port Charlotte, FL location to get an estimate on your first service!

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