Everyday Items That Should Be Added to Your Cleaning List

Typically, when you walk into a room in your home, it is easy to notice if it needs to be cleaned up. There may be a pile of laundry on the floor that’s waiting to be washed or maybe the kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes. Sometimes, life gets a bit hectic and we can put off cleaning, but when cleaning needs to get done, it’s done in full force. When you deep clean are you cleaning every item in the room or just the things you saw adults do when you were growing up? If it’s the latter, then you may be missing a few key things that are hidden in plain sight. We’ve compiled a small list of items across three rooms that you may be leaving behind when cleaning.  



Do you ever look up when you are cleaning your kitchen? If not, there may be more dirt hiding than you thought. We usually will not look past what we see in plain sight. If it isn’t seen, it isn’t there, right? The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means we see more traffic in this area than in other spots around the home. Make sure to take a cleaning rag and go over the door frames, kitchen cabinets, and the shelving in your pantry. Places that don’t usually see a lot of attention will harbor the most dust and dander. Using a disposable duster is an easy way to emilite pesky cobwebs and dust in these higher reach places such as high ceiling corners, tops of bookshelves, cabinets, and lighting fixtures.  



The bathroom is one place in a home that you always want to be sparkling clean. One thing that many people forget about is the backsplash of the vanity countertops in the bathroom. It’s easy to forget since it’s applied directly to the wall. If you don’t clean the backsplash mold, mildew, and limescale can begin to form, and breathing in these forms of fungi can cause harm to your body. Not to mention toothpaste and mouthwash build-up around the sink faucet. When you are doing your usual cleaning routine in the bathroom, take a few extra moments to scrub the backsplash for a full, pristine vanity sink. Another item that you may not think to clean in your toilet’s scrub brush. After you’ve used it to clean your toilet bowl, it just sits in dirty water that has pooled in the toilet brush holder. If you haven’t cleaned the brush or its holder, it’s now housing a large number of bacteria. The best way to take care of this is to disinfect your brush and the holder by soaking them both in bleach. 


Living Areas 

Are you someone who enjoys surrounding yourself with greenery, but just can’t keep plants alive? You probably have some faux plants then. If you have plastic or fabric plants around your home, do you clean them? Your fake plants can be holding onto a relatively large amount of dust that can be irritating your allergies and can be floating around in the air. If someone in your home accidentally bumps the leaves of the plant, that will cause all the accumulated dust to be put into the air that you and your family will be breathing. Wipe down your fake plants with a microfiber cloth in order to fully trap the dust and remove it from the plant.  


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