Cleaning Advice for Dog Lovers

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Keeping your home clean as a dog owner can be a challenge. It’s not uncommon to see hair piling up around the house every few days. RCH Cleaning has some residential cleaning tips for minimizing the amount of dog hair and messes in your home.

Vacuum Daily

Dogs shed a lot. If you’re a longtime dog owner, you know how easily dog hair sticks to everything. If people in your home have allergies or you simply want a cleaner carpet, vacuuming is your best bet. A few swipes with the vacuum will leave your floors free of excess dog fur. 

Lint Rollers

Not every spot in your house is easily accessible to vacuum. If you want to remove pet hair from clothes or upholstery, lint rollers can come in handy. They’re a quick way to remove any pet hair from fabric surfaces such as lampshades, couch cushions, and throw pillows.

Bathe Regularly

After a long day of playing outside, your dog can get pretty dirty. Muddy paw prints on your floors are not fun to get out. While not all messes can be avoided, bathing your dog often can prevent some household messes. This can be more than just your average bath. If your dog has been outside most of the day, meet them at the door when they come in so you can wash their paws off.

Cover Frequent Nap Spots

If you find your dog napping in the same spots around the house, cover those areas with blankets or a pet bed. Covering these areas will help to prevent pet hair, stains, and dog odors from working into the fabric. Couch covers are also an excellent investment if your dog has made the couch a favorite sitting spot. When it’s laundry day, all of these covers can be thrown in the washer.

Invest in a Spot Cleaner

If you have a puppy that hasn’t been potty trained yet, a spot cleaner can come in handy. Spot cleaners can be filled with your favorite carpet cleaner and used to treat carpet stains. If your puppy has an accident or makes a mess, a spot cleaner can remove the stain with ease.

Use Cleaning Supplies Made for Pets

While ordinary cleaning supplies can do the job, cleaning products made specifically for pet stains are a must-have. These cleaning products are designed to clean pet stains like urine. Using specialized products will remove the stain quicker and easier than a traditional stain remover. 

Treat Your Home to RCH Cleaning

At RCH Cleaning, we’ll make your house feel like new. Whether you have a dog or other pets, we can keep your house clean and fresh. Call RCH Cleaning team in Springfield, MO, at 417-763-8365 for a free cleaning estimate and learn more about our offered cleaning services.


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