5 Ways To Get Your Child To Clean Their Bedroom

Messy teenage bedroom

Why is it so hard for children to keep their room clean? Who knows! 


As a parent, you may have given up hope that your kid will ever have a clean room. No matter how old your child is, there is still time to teach them how to clean their room and keep it clean. RCH Cleaning has some tips on how you can get your child to clean their bedroom.

Lead By Example

If you don’t take the initiative to clean up after yourself, your child probably won’t either. Your kids will mimic you, so if you aren’t setting a good example, they’re likely to follow it. If you want your child to start cleaning their room, you need to start showing them that you clean up after yourself too. Set an example by washing your dishes after you use them or putting clothes in the hamper after you wear them.

Start A Cleaning Routine

Sometimes all kids need is guidance to help them get started. If your child isn’t accustomed to cleaning their room, start a cleaning routine with them. Assign a specific day of the week to be a cleaning day, so your child knows exactly when to clean their room. If they get good enough, they won’t have to clean their room if it’s already clean!

Help Them Get Started

A messy room can be overwhelming to clean, and your child may not know how or where to start. If your child is struggling to find a place to start cleaning, help them begin the process. Ask them questions about where things go and what area of the room they want to start cleaning. Eventually, they’ll have an idea of what to do, and the process should go a lot quicker.  

Break The Job Into Smaller Tasks

A child’s room can be so messy that it seems impossible to clean in one sitting. If your child has worked hard and has begun to make some progress, let them know that it’s okay to take a break. When they come back a few minutes later, they’ll feel refreshed and ready to continue. Keep reminding your child that if they clean their room more often, they won’t need more than a few minutes to tidy up their entire room.

Give Them Some Privacy

As a parent, it can be easy to want to control your child’s cleaning process. While you may have the urge to take over at times, it’s important that once they’re in their groove to take a step back. A child can’t rely on you to help them clean their room every time it gets messy. Eventually, they’ll have to do it on their own, and you may not be there to help them. If they can learn to conquer the process by themselves, then they can overcome any mess.

Save Time With RCH Cleaning

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