5 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

Items in Your Home You’re Forgetting to Clean

Every home has those nooks and crannies that we forget to clean from time to time. Over time, this neglect can lead to a buildup of dirt, grease, dust and grime. Here are a few common items you may be forgetting to clean in your home.

Lamp Shades

Lamp shades can collect a lot of dust. Just run your finger down one if you haven’t cleaned yours in a while. You’ll probably get an unpleasant surprise. Using a dust cloth to wipe down your lamp shade and light bulbs can bring in a lot more light while keeping your home from smelling musty.

Air Vents

Air vents circulate air throughout your entire home, meaning there can be some serious dirt and dust living on the outside of your vents. Take a cloth to the outside of your air vents to wipe off most of the built-up dust. Then go over the outside of your vents with a disinfectant wipe to eliminate any bacteria or germs living in the area.

Door Frames

How often do you touch door frames and door knobs? Whether you realize it or not, it’s quite a bit. Think about the many things your hands touch throughout the day, and all of it ends up on your door. A quick disinfectant wipe can eliminate any dirt or grease build-up on these surfaces.

TV Remotes

If you’re a frequent TV watcher, then your TV remote has probably seen better days. Although it’s hard to clean something electronic, a simple dust rag and disinfectant wipe will keep your remote clean and should not harm your device.

Cleaning Supplies

It may not occur to you that your cleaning supplies need to be cleaned, but on second thought it certainly makes sense. Your duster, mop, toilet brush, and vacuum have seen all kinds of dirt and mess. When your cleaning supplies are dirty, it can be much harder to use them to clean your home. A dusty duster isn’t going to get much dusting done, will it? Always make sure to clean or replace your cleaning tools and products if they’re beyond their lifespan or just need a good wipe down.

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