4 Cleaning Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

You probably have a good regular cleaning routine, but there may be a few items missing from your list that you didn’t know you needed. RCH Cleaning discusses some underrated cleaning services you didn’t know you were missing.

Wall Cleaning

Walls aren’t usually an area of your home you may think of cleaning. Consider how many times you brush up against a wall in your home or how often your animals may use them as a personal scratcher or whisker cleaner. Perhaps they don’t seem as clean as you thought? Cleaning the walls in your home can get rid of:

  • Streaking
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Smudging

And more. The best ways to clean your walls are with a bucket of warm water mixed with dish detergent. Any harsh chemicals can damage your wall’s paint or cause streaking.

Interior Oven Cleaning

If you use your oven often, it’s difficult to avoid any fallen food or debris caking on the oven door or bottom. If your oven isn’t consistently cleaned a few times a month, some of that debris can end up in your cooked food. A clean oven helps to avoid health hazards and can even make your oven work better.

Garage Cleaning

Your garage may just be used for cars and storage, but over time you can get a pretty thick layer of dirt and dust over the floor. While garage cleaning doesn’t need to be a daily task, it’s something that’ll make your home feel a little cleaner after you finish. Start by sweeping out any dirt or dead leaves, and finish off with a good floor rinse.

Mini-Blind Cleaning

Blinds may be one of the most difficult areas to clean due to how easily dust can stick to them. But just because they are a pain to clean doesn’t mean they should be neglected. Water and dust can turn into a nasty mess, so it’s good to start with dry cleaning methods before you move onto water-based methods. Cleaning with a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner is an excellent first step to remove first layers of dust. If you have any remaining dust that won’t come off, remove your blinds and soak them in warm water until the dust is removed.

Let RCH Handle Your Cleaning

With RCH Cleaning, you’ll never have to handle these tasks again. With our professional cleaning service, you can be sure the job is done right. Contact RCH Cleaning today at  417-763-8365 for our Springfield, MO location, or 417-851-7960 to reach our Port Charlotte, FL location.

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